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Les vélos de Jean sont uniques, vintage, connectés et innovants... Conçus et assemblés en France, vous trouverez forcément votre bonheur parmi notre sélection de vélos électriques !

Jean presents electric bikes from 4 French brands.

Discover in detail the brands and their ranges of new generation electric bikes!




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The easy electric bike


Discover our range of Starway bikes for all tastes and uses !

The models are designed to satisfy every need. These electric bikes will allow you to cover those hills effortlessly. 


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Several colors are available for each model. Click on each of them to discover them. The bikes are sold directly in the shop. 

The Starway brand

Starway is a French brand that has been specializing for many years in the design and marketing of electric bicycles.     

Since 2006, STARWAY has specialised in Research & Development with the aim of providing consumers with more comfortable electric bicycles and has registered several patents :

 The ERS®, Gold medal at the 2005 Lépine Competition, a belt-driven bike for children.

 The TPS®, an evolution of the ERS compatible with adult electric bikes. The Twisting Pulley System innovation allows for a more comfortable and safer ride.

 The Vélo Facile®, a new concept in electrically assisted bicycles, meaning "easy bike", was awarded the Trophée de l'Innovation Région Centre in 2012. Then, you don't need to change gears, it is done automatically, the belt transmission means that there is no need for a bicycle greasy chain.

Our beautiful patented electric bikes are built in France by APF France handicap, ensuring a greater work accessibility for employees with disabilities.


The STARWAY electric bike is the smartest of its generation.

Starway's technology

Intelligent electric assistance

The Regul 5, an exclusive STARWAY innovation (international patent) has been specially designed to make your life easier. The pedaling assistance will make you enjoy cycling again !

Jean apprend plus sur le Vélo Facile


A bike like no other


Intelligent sensors

The concept is essentially based on 3 sensors that “measure“ the power and rhythm of your pedalling as well as your speed. The algorithm analyses and interprets the data to define the assistance you need. This intelligent assistance is delivered in a smooth and progressive manner.

You are free to save your battery by making greater or lesser efforts to preserve it. The assistance will adjust itself according to your pedalling in order to optimise its autonomy.

A power booster

Last but not least, the Regul 5 has a booster. It offers a permanent reserve of power to keep the pace in all circumstances. Feeling weak on the way up ? No problem, the booster will help you stay on course !

The bike is also equipped with :

  • An integrated anti-theft device with a chain.

  • Anti-puncture tyres.

Starway has developed and patented a Twisting Wisting Pulley System (TPS), which provides real comfort to the user when pedaling. The pedaling remains soft, flexible and harmonious, thus allowing a reduced and optimized effort.

The real advantage : the TPS is maintenance-free, with no risk of derailment or breakage.


In addition, the bike is equipped with a belt drive system, protected by an aluminium housing. This single toothed part replaces chains made up of several riveted links. Goodbye to dirty chains and all their disadvantages, no more repeated derailments, no more risk of rusting, no more tedious greasing maintenance that leaves black grease stains on your clothes and hands...


The belt is therefore The solution : reliable, silent, clean, and requires no special maintenance. This alternative to the chain-driven bicycle has many advantages that will leave you calm and serene for a pleasant daily use.

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Beautiful. Practical. Electric.

Vélo Voltaire Courcelles en différents coloris
Le Courcelles est disponible en 3 coloris : Bleu Nuit, Noir Intense, Vert Anglais

The Voltaire Brand

A French start-up...

Cette société innovante a mené un travail de Recherche & Développement de 2 ans pour élaborer un vélo électrique vintage nouvelle génération. Elle produit désormais deux modèles de vélos : Le Courcelles et le Belleville.

Le Courcelles, un vélo électrique mêlant technologie et élégance.

Voltaire bikes are designed in their Paris offices. The electronic parts are developed and connected in Sarthe. The mechanical and electronic parts are connected in Aube.

The best electric bicycle for the city.

But who is Voltaire ? That is the question !

Voltaire's charm

  Alliant praticité, confort et design, ce vélo urbain vous rendra serein grâce à son antivol intégré.

Chez Jean Connaît Un Rayon, découvrez le modèle COURCELLES uniquement,

Mais commandez le BELLECOUR facilement.


Inspiré de l'esthétique des vélos vintages, le Voltaire Courcelles intègre subtilement les éléments de l'assistance électrique, soit un moteur moyeu arrière et une batterie dissimulée dans le tube de selle. Disponible en trois couleurs (Noir Intense, Vert Anglais et Bleu Nuit), le Courcelles permet de se déplacer de la plus jolie des façons, simplement.


With an easy to step over frame, removable battery, upright riding position and optional basket, Voltaire is ideal for everyday urban use.


The bike has a 250W motor that intelligently delivers its power according to the information collected by the torque sensor. With two modes of electric assistance (Vif and Eco), it adapts to the needs of the user and allows him to climb all the hills of the city with ease, offering up to 80km of autonomy.

The key strengths of Voltaire


Thanks to an electronic system developed in-house, the Voltaire bike detects any attempted theft. It warns its owner if the theft is confirmed and starts ringing. The position is tracked, so that the police can find the bike.


Voltaire belongs to the Smartbikes category. It has an anti-reflection screen delicately integrated into the stem, allowing the user to follow the main information of his journey (speed, assistance, battery level, mileage...). It can be used with or without a smartphone thanks to the NFC badge unlocking system. Settings are made via a dedicated application (iOS and Android). The user can thus manage the assistance mode, the brightness of the lights and track all the usage statistics.
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The rear engine and its clean and quiet belt drive provide a pleasant feeling of propulsion. The feeling of being continuously carried by the wind. The user contact points, foam saddle and hand grips with contrasting stitching, have also been developed to promote the user's well-being.


With its hydraulic disc brakes, integrated lighting and rear brake light with brake sensor, Voltaire is the new benchmark in terms of user protection. Its wide tyres, made from recycled raw materials, offer excellent road holding, whatever the weather.

What are Voltaire's technical and electronic features ?

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Folding bike. Electric. French.


Discover Jean's folding bike, practical and compact to take with you anywhere, quickly and easily!


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Made in France


Light and compact


Easy to fold and carry around


Available in 3 colors


Get even more intermodality


Invisible battery, hidden in the saddle tube


Built with Kevlar belt drive

Choose the EOVOLT City X, an electric and folding bike, without compromise!

For quick and easy travel in the city.

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Come and discover the very first KIFFY Capsule electric cargo bike with Jean! 



Family friendly

Option of adding up to 2 child seats at the back of the bike, on the luggage rack to take your toddlers to school ... Ideal for replacing the car and having a great time with the family!


Equipped with a Bosch motor with a range of 70 km, the Capsule electric bike is powerful and efficient both in town and in the countryside.


Convenient for carrying heavy loads, shopping or commuting to work thanks to its maximum load of 190 kgs.


A bicycle designed, manufactured and assembled in France for a reduced carbon footprint. A thoughtful process with a positive impact, a meaningful product for Jean.

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Une marque française de vélos électriques modernes et stylés adaptés à toutes vos activités et pensé pour tous les genres. s déplacements en ville faciles et rapides.


Des vélos électriques



Une allure unique pour des besoins divers et variés

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