The TOURING bicycle


For effortless touring. 

A ride in complete freedom.

À partir de 1990€

Assurance Vol, 6 mois offerts

Touring Green - Vanilla
Available in 28" only.
Touring Black - Ruby
Available in 28" only.
Touring White - Silver
Available 26" and 28".
Touring Matte Grey
Available 26" and 28".
Touring Blue - White
Available in 26" Only
Touring Green - Silver
Available in 26" Only
Touring Blue
Available in 28" only.
Touring Red - Vanilla
Available in 26" Only

Technical Characteristics

Adjustable handlebars

And the fork is suspended for perfect steering control.

Hydraulic disc brakes

They are interactive : the motor is put on standby during braking.

Brakes with sensor.

Safety Kit

With lights, reflector, bell, very important to keep you safe to be seen and heard while riding the bike.

High performance battery

Designed in Lithium-ion with Sanyo cells of 36V - 14Ah - 500W and perfectly integrated in the frame and protected by a lock

Control Screen

(Display) keeps you informed of all your assistance in real time.

Ergonomic gel saddle

Suspended for comfort and pleasure during the ride.

Automatic lighting

Can be adjusted according to the brightness : it is permanent, even when not in use. Can also be switched in and off as required

The brake light is activated when braking.

Reinforced tyre

Renforced Kevlar (the material used to protect bullet proof waistcoats !) and fitted with pressure sensors and double-walled aluminium rims with stainless steel spokes.

Anti-theft and chain

From the brand Auvray Eloc, the specialist in high security equipment for over 30 years.

For more information on the Touring electric bike, see the full specifications on the  Starway website.

Size Guide

You're up to 5'10".
Enjoy the 26".
You're over 5'7".
Blossom in 28".

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