Rent an electric bike in Deauville

The most beautiful landscapes in Normandy are waiting to be discovered ! Take advantage of your holidays or weekends to explore the region, with your partner, family or friends .

Follow your desire to escape

Are you in Deauville for a day? A weekend ? Or on holiday for several days?

The best way to visit the region properly is to ride it!

Alone, in pairs or in groups, whether you are a couple, a group of friends or a family, discover the best kept secrets from Deauville and around, on a revitalizing ride in "Slow Tourism" mode. With an electric bike, it is much easier to travel and visit a region in depth, while adopting a sustainable means of transport that respects our planet. The electric bike becomes the best way to move easily, while enjoying the ride, and this without providing too much effort. Time to chill and sit back from the comfort of your saddle and enjoy the sea breeze from the 'Côte Fleurie', (Coast of flowers), the beauty of the Calvados countryside, without forgetting the rich heritage of the Pays d' Auge. 

Normandy by bike will always surprise you!

Even if you are not a great sportsman or a fan of the traditional bike in everyday life, Jean's electric bikes will seduce you with their design, ease of use, comfort and safety. Jean's bikes are designed for every level, every desire to escape, and of course, are suitable for all types of use, whether you are up for an urban & soft adventure or all-terrain & sporty.

The "Easy ride" from

Try it, and you will love it!  !

Some key points to know before getting on our bikes :

✔ Our Starway electric bikes have a range of about 60 to 90 km, depending on the type of terrain you use during your ride (if you have  hills or use the booster a lot).

✔ Our Starway bikes weigh approximately 23kg.

✔ The speed limit on an electric bicycle is 25km / h, according to European law.

✔ You can also get a lunch box before you go (to be booked 48 hours ahead with Jean).

Price List

Prices corresponding to the rental of an electric bicycle of any model.

Hours     Prices  
4h 35€
Full Day 55€
24h 65€
2 days 85€
3 days 125€
1 semaine (7j) 225€
When booking your bike for rental, don't forget to tell us your size so that we can choose the electric bike that best suits you!

If you would like accessories for your bike, let us know too, such as a front or rear basket, a child seat, a phone holder or a front basket for dogs (+10€).

To collect your bike, you will need to bring :
an ID + your credit card.

We will provide :
helmet + safety lock.

Go with your pet !

The dog basket, our new accessory that will delight your four-legged friend...

And before you hit the road, Jean has some valuable advice for you...

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