Jean's advices

Jean has put together a list of valuable tips to help you make the most of your trip!

Jean's Ckeck-List.

Don't forget to take with you...

Your good mood.

This is the key to the success of your bike ride. At Jean Connaît Un Rayon, we come with a smile ! Good sense of humor is a must !

A travel backpack.

But what for, you may ask ?

Well, to carry all the things & belongings you need for your trip. To leave nature untouched, Jean will provide you with a paper bag to keep your rubbish in on request. Isn't that great? Great, isn't it ?

Your ID card.

Even if you are riding a motorless bike with a relaxed air and singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy", you must respect the rules of the road. So you should always carry your ID papers, wherever you are.

Rain protection.

A k-way, a poncho, an oilskin, a rain jacket... Whatever you want to call it, it will undoubtedly be very useful in case of bad weather and will prevent you from being soaked like sponge.


Remember to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather. Water is life. A reusable water bottle instead of a disposable plastic one would be even more appreciated. And if you wish, snacks and lunch boxes will be provided to order (please let us know 48 hours in advance here).

Cap and sun cream.

Your ally in case the sun is blazing down, because yes, in Normandy, it is not uncommon for the sun to show its face.

Your mobile phone.

The mobile phone is first and foremost useful to immortalise the beautiful moments of your excursion with family or friends. And as in everyday life, it can also help you to call us in case of a problem ((+33) Finally, Jean will provide you with a map of
excursions in the area, which you can now find on the Cirkwi mobile application.

A reflective vest.

In case of reduced visibility, it is necessary to wear a yellow waistcoat in order to be seen and to stay safe, especially in case of dense fog!

Good Cyclist Guide

Helmet is compulsory for children under 12

Since March 22, 2017.

I use equipment suitable for cycling

In the event of a fall or accident, the damage will be less severe if you wear good shoes and appropriate covering clothing.

I comply with traffic regulations

Even by bicycle, you use lanes shared with other users and vehicles. It is therefore essential to respect the signs and rules that apply on the road and country lanes.

Also, always use hand signal before turning.

Always be in alert, even when riding on a cycle path

Do not use your smartphone while riding

A reminder about the signs to know

No access to bicycles

Also available with a red striped across the bike

Lane exit for cyclists & motorcyclists

Authorization for bicycles to turn or continue in the presence of a red light

Indication of a recommended cycle path or lane reserved for cycles

Red bar: End of track
Other vehicles and pedestrians are not allowed to use this lane.

Mandatory Cycling Lane

If red striped across: End of the lane

Prohibition for other vehicles and pedestrians to use this lane

Indication of a green path in France

If red striped across: End of the lane
Green cycling path is surrounded by nature, no cars, but could be shared with pedestrians

Lane reserved for public transport and cycles

Obviously, without the small bicycle sign added below, it is strictly forbidden for cyclists to ride on this path.

Entrance to a meeting zone: do not exceed 20km / h

Red bar: end of the meeting zone

Mandatory helmet

Two-way cycling

Bicycles have the right to travel in both directions, unlike other vehicles which have only one direction of travel.  In encounter zones and 30 km/h zones, all one-way streets are two-way for cyclists unless otherwise indicated.

Ready for the adventure ?

After a gentle reminder of all these precious tips and rules of the traffic regulations...

Jump on your saddle and go discover the breathtaking Normandy region on your electric cycle!

                I rent my electric bike !