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They talk about Jean !

Article Ouest France

16 August 2021

Opening of a new electric bicycle rental and sale shop in Deauville. On the other hand, a mixed season for bicycle rental businesses, because of the capricious weather.

Article - Le Pays d'Auge

8 August 2021

On the Deauville Peninsula: “Jean Connaît Un Rayon”, a new concept store around cycling and tourism.

Article TogeZer - Les Prémices de Jean

17 January 2021

Pierre tells you about the birth of Jean Connaît Un Rayon, a hybrid and innovative shop for the rental and sale of electric bicycles.

They talk about our bikes 'made in France' !

Vélo STARWAY Urban : Piece from the evaluation report  on electric bicycles by UFC Que Choisir

24 June 2021 : Test of the Voltaire, Parisian and vintage electric bike

18 April 2021

Le Parisien article: Cycles Voltaire, new kid with an atypical look

27 October 2020

"Gabriel and Grégoire, are launching their Voltaire electric bike in the capital city of Paris, with its removable battery and less sporty style than the competitors. "

BFM TV Paris : Test of the very first KIFFY Capsule cargo bike, a practical and long tail electric bike

1er February 2021

City Ride test: the electric and cargo bike made in France KIFFY Capsule

 April 2021

Paris Cargo Bikes: Test and review

 14 October 2020