Around Deauville

Nature & History Cycling Getaway

Once Upon a Time in Deauville...

Follow the equestrian history and the heroic past of Deauville during an easy bucolic ride that will make you discover the beaches of the Côte Fleurie, the marshes, mountains and valleys.

 Discover the batteries of 14-18 and 39-45 at Mont Canisy and its protected natural site,,

 Ride to the sound of crashing waves & seagulls on Boulevard de la Mer,

 Immerse yourself in the heart of nature in the Pays d'Auge: marshes, forests, and greenways,

 Admire the magnificent Villa Strassburger, an imposing house with typical architecture of the region..

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Go on an adventure at leisure pace, on our super comfy Starway electric bike saddles, and retrace the horse and military history of Deauville on this easy bucolic ride that will make you marvel at the Côte Fleurie, its beaches, its marshes, woods and valleys.

Follow the Côte Fleurie from the famous Planches de Deauville to Benerville-sur-Mer on Boulevard de la Mer, to the rhythm of the waves and discover Norman maritime life. You will then follow on the historical sites of the region by visiting the batteries of Mont Canisy and the Tourgéville's American military cemetery (14-18), before crossing the marshes of Blonville-Villers, classified as a Natural Zone of ecological interest, Fauna & Flora, and dive into its amazing biodiversity. 

Discover the gorgeous Calouste Gulbenkian Park, in Domaine des Enclos, its amazing view and rich and diverse flora. We also take you through architectural jewels such as the Villa Strassburger and the historic chapel of the Priory of Saint-Arnoult.

To finish on a more natural note, you will take the green cycling trail that connects Touques to Deauville, along the famous Deauville racecourse. With any luck you may see a jockey practicing with his horse along the way...
The loop is now complete !

Our Starway electric bikes will make your life easy with patented electric assistance so that all your attention and energy can be dedicated to the pleasure of discovery in slow travel mode. Enjoy :-)

Key facts

This itinerary is suitable for self-guided road cycling, without a guide. We have developed this itinerary to inspire you only. Note that paid services in the areas, museums, restaurants, etc., are not included and will be payable directly to the service providers.

 Starting and Ending Point : Boutique Jean Connaît Un Rayon, circuit en boucle.

  Key Locations : Deauville, Benerville-sur-Mer, Blonville-sur-Mer, Tourgéville, Saint Arnoult.

  Level :  Easy

  Distance :  29 kms

  Duration by bike :  2h30 minimum (based on average speed of 15km/h)

 Total duration recommended : Hal-Day (4h = cycling + breaks and visits)

 Suitable bicycles :  Starway Urban, Touring & Explorer

 Positive Altitude :   400 meters

 Max Altitude :  111 meters (Mont Canisy)

The highlights to explore along the way

The littoral

Become famous among the stars listed at the beach  Planches de Deauville and follow the Côte Fleurie along the immense beaches of Tourgéville and Benerville-sur-mer.Keep your eyes peeled! You may see horses galloping on the beach and local fishermen showing off their latest catch. 

Historical sites

On top of Mont Canisy many historical remains, such as batteries and bunkers, will briefly plunge you back into WWII ... such as Tourgéville Military Cemetery, where the English soldiers from WWI (14-18), rest in peace. End your journey by passing in front of the Villa Strassburger, magnificent building full of period souvenirs and trinkets.

Immersion into nature

Ride over hills and valleys, and discover the ,Flower Coast (Côte Fleurie) and its beautiful beaches with golden sand, Mont Canisy and its great biodiversity as well as the relaxing and beautiful  marsh from Blonville-Villers. Don't miss the Calouste Gulbenkian Park, rich in lush green flora that will delight your pupils!